So you’re looking into security safes and your Insurance company have said you need a Eurograde (sometimes they say ‘Euro Grade’ as two words) safe.

They have most likely also used a number or digit for example they may have said to buy a safe that is Eurograde 1

What does this mean?

The Eurograde system is a security numbering and testing system that is applied to a number of high security safes that are specifically designed for containing a pre-determined quantity of either cash or valuables.
It’s basically a fancy way of everybody knowing how strong a particular safe is and removing all doubt about it’s resistance to prolonged attack by a burglar.

So if they are saying you need a Eurograde 1 safe, this would be suitable for storing either £100,000 worth of your valuables or £10,000 in cash.

This is a list of all the various Eurograde Security safes from Eurograde 0 all the way to Eurograde 6:

The Grade 0 to Grade 6 Eurograde rating system is applied to safes that are designed to be theft and burglary resistant.
The grade that is assigned to each safe indicates the amount of cash or valuables it was designed to protect.
The particular standard that these Eurograde security safes are tested to is called EN1143.
In the example of our Eurograde 1 safe that we have been talking about the specific derivation would therefore be EN1143-1
(the ‘1’ standing for Grade 1)

So we can also write that same list like this:

These safes have to first undergo various detailed testing that is conducted by national testing agencies such as VdS and ECBs, before the rating can be attributed to the particular safes. Once the testing of these security safes is completed and the testing agencies have determined the resistance level of the safe a Eurograde rating is then attributed and a metal plate is fixed to the security safes as per the picture in this security safes blog post. The resistance level is determined based on the length of time it takes to gain entry to the range of security safes being examined. A plate normally of metal confirming certification from the testing agency can be found on or in the safe. Normally Eurograde security safes will have their metal plate on the inside of the door.
The fire rating of 175 degrees for 30 minutes is also assigned to some safes although this is not part of the Eurograde EN1143 security test.

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