The Brattonsound Atlas range of Shotgun Cabinets are also suitable for rifles so are therefore also known as Rifle Cabinets or Rifle Safes. Designed for the customer seeking a significantly higher level of security than the standard levels of protection specified in the Firearms Secured Handbook. The Brattonsound Atlas Gun Safe far exceeds the requirements of BS7558 and is a secure, stylish and impressive complimnet to any treasured shotgun or rifle collection. A single Brattonsound Atlas gunsafe can either hold up to 14 shotguns or up to 10 scoped rifles and provision is made to fit two Atlas gunsafes together to hold up to 28 shotguns or up to 20 scoped rifles. The high quality in-house workmanship of the Brattonsound Atlas Gunsafe is stylishly set off with a laser cut steel name badge.

We supply and install Brattonsound Gunsafes in London & the Home Counties and we don’t charge for delivery and professional installation for your complete peace of mind.

Shotgun / Rifle Safes

(Not suitable for rifles with scopes)

Extra Deep Rifle Safes

(For scoped rifles and shotguns)
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