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Firearms Storage Legislation


Learn More Home Firearm Security Handbook 2019 The following information is shared from UK Gov publication on Firearms Security. FIREARMS SECURITY HANDBOOK 2019   Produced by the FELWG, the National Police Chiefs Council in England, Wales and Scotland and the British Shooting Sports Council   Part 1: Introduction and principles relating to the secure storage of […]

How to install a wall safe

Installing a wall safe

Learn More Home How to install a Wall Safe We don’t install wall safes ourselves but we thought we would provide this handy guide on how it’s done.   Installing wall safes that are the equivalent of UK house brick sizes is a fairly involved process and there are points to consider.   The size […]

How to install an underfloor safe

Underfloor safe being installed

Learn More Home We don’t install underfloor safes ourselves but we thought we would provide this handy guide on how it’s done. (you should consult a qualified builder or surveyor to confirm the advice in this guide) An underfloor safe should be installed into an opening significantly larger than the safe itself and we recommend […]

What is a Eurograde Safe?

What is a Eurograde Safe

Learn More Home What is a Eurograde Safe? A Eurograde safe is a safe that that has been tested and certified to the European standard EN1143-1. The testing us carried out by independent test houses such as ECB-S or VdS. The outcome of the testing results in the safe being awarded a cash rating for […]

Insurance Ratings Chart

Insurance Ratings

Learn More Home Insurance Ratings Chart for Safes Choose a rating below to view the safes that we sell at that rating [table id=1 /]

Insurance Ratings Explained

Safe Insurance Ratings

Learn More Home If you have been looking into buying a safe for a while you may well have come across a few phrases relating in one way or another to Insurance in relation to safes. Some (not all) of these phrases might include ‘cash rating’, ‘jewellery rating’, ‘eurograde’, ‘EN14450’, ‘EN1143-1’ or sometimes ‘euro grade’. […]

What is the best safe for home?

Best Safe for the Home

Learn More Home If you have already read the other articles on this website, especially on installation and insurance ratings you will know what a loaded question this really is. Surely the higher the insurance rating the better the safe right? Well yes and no. Other factors come into play, for example how well we can secure a safe […]

Eurograde Safes, what are my insurance company asking for?

So you’re looking into security safes and your Insurance company have said you need a Eurograde (sometimes they say ‘Euro Grade’ as two words) safe. They have most likely also used a number or digit for example they may have said to buy a safe that is Eurograde 1   What does this mean? The […]

Hypnos Yale Hidden Bed Safe

These built-in safes provide you with the peace of mind knowing that your valuables are safely secured in a one of Yale Safes.  New to the market are Hypnos Yale Hidden Bed Safes. Hypnos has partnered with Yale Safes for an optional extra which can be added to a selection of their luxurious divan bases. Yale Safes being […]