confused about which safe to by for your home?

If you have already read the other articles on this website, especially on installation and insurance ratings you will know what a loaded question this really is. Surely the higher the insurance rating the better the safe right? Well yes and no. Other factors come into play, for example how well we can secure a safe in your particular home or business and of course your budget. It would be very easy to answer by recommending a Eurograde 6 safe weighing in at 1100kgs, but have you got anywhere to put it and do you want to spend thousands on a safe?

None the less this is the most asked question and we do actually have an answer. If you were to say to me, 'bring me over a safe for my new flat our house', what safe would I put in the van? The answer would be one of our Bloomsbury 40K Electronic Safes, specifically the Size 3 or Size 4 (at a push the Size 2 but the Size 1 is just too small).