confused about which safe to by for your home?

If you have already read the other articles on this website, especially on installation and insurance ratings you will know what a loaded question this really is. Surely the higher the insurance rating the better the safe right? Well yes and no. Other factors come into play, for example how well we can secure a safe in your particular home or business and of course your budget. It would be very easy to answer by recommending a Eurograde 6 safe weighing in at 1100kgs, but have you got anywhere to put it and do you want to spend thousands on a safe?

None the less this is the most asked question and we do actually have an answer. If you were to say to me, 'bring me over a safe for my new flat our house', what safe would I put in the van? The answer would be one of our Bloomsbury 40K Electronic Safes, specifically the Size 3 or Size 4 (at a push the Size 2 but the Size 1 is just too small).

Why would I be so confident that you would be happy when I arrived and installed a Bloomsbury safe for you?

Well let me list the advantages that the Bloomsbury safe has over its rivals:

1. We have been selling these particular safes for 25 years and never had one with a fault and never had one burgled.

2. They are made in a state-of-the-art factory in Northern Italy that I have visited personally.

state of the art factory in Northern Italy

3. They have four fixing holes in the base and four fixing holes in the rear of the safe, this is almost unheard of. Think about this, we can install this safe with eight individual anchors, four into the base and four into the wall. You cannot get stronger than this, it might not be the highest rated safe insurance-wise but the ability to install it so robustly is astonishing.

four fixing holes in the base and four fixing holes in the rear of the safe

4. The vulnerable internal parts are protected with a drill-resistant Manganese steel plate (Manganese is one of the hardest materials on the planet).

5. The safe is routinely operated with a six-digit pin number but benefits from being supplied with high security double-bitted ‘emergency’ keys.

bloomsbury electronic safes are fitted with both an electronic keypad and emergency keys

6. If the internal battery goes flat there are two methods for the rightful owner to get into the safe. They can either power the internal circuit externally with a 9 volt battery or use the aforementioned emergency keys.

use a 9 volt battery to power the internal circuit in the event of power failure

7. The safes are tested and certified to EN14450-S2 (ICIM) which gives them a cash rating of £4,000 and a valuables rating of £40,000.

8. The door of the safe is made from one solid piece of 10mm steel that is cut with a laser for high precision. The result of this precise cut is the gap around the door is so tiny burglars cannot get any prising tools in to try to prise it.

9. The body of the safe is made from continuously (internally) robot-welded 5mm steel plate.

10. The digital keypad on the safe has a tough durable ‘membrane’ type keypad which is far superior to the ’push button’ types found on other safes.

much stronger membrane type keypad fitted on all bloomsbury digital safes

11. The electronic lock on the Bloomsbury safes is certified to EN1300 so you know it’s secure.

12. The bolts on the safes that retain the door are huge at 22mm in diameter and freely rotate to resist hacksaw attack.

13. The safes come with an internal carpet and a useful (removable) shelf.

14. The safes have internal special door battens for exceptional resistance against robbery attempts using a sledge hammer

15. The safe keypad alerts you when the battery is running low.

16. Three Fraudulent attempts to enter a ‘guessed’ pin code on the safe will lockdown the keypad for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes you can open the safe with the correct code.

That’s 16 reasons why The Bloomsbury is the best safe from home, I could go on but I feel I may be droning on a bit. I need to circle-back to insurance ratings though as it’s important. If insurance compliance is important for you then be aware that the Bloomsbury 40K Electronic Safes are rated at £4,000 cash or £40,000 valuables. However, a little known secret is you can stack two or more safes on top of each other or in different rooms in your home. This would give you the cumulative rating of however many you have, for example:

  • Two Bloomsburys would give you £8,000 cash rating and £80,000 valuables rating
  • Three Bloomsburys would give you £12,000 cash rating and £120,000 valuables rating
    and so on…

Why did I exclude the size 1 as too small?

A safe needs to have some size and bulk to it, we want the burglar to be intimidated at the prospect of trying to carry the safe away. The Bloomsbury size 2 is the smallest that I would consider ‘bulky’ but really it would be either a size 3 or a size 4 that I would go for.

In conclusion, it’s a question I have been asked many times, What is the Best Safe for Home? The above represents what I always say and what I have been saying for a very long time.

If you need a safe why not pick up the phone and call me?

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