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World’s Largest Safe?

The Champion Safe Company of Provo Utah have built what they believe to be the largest safe in the world!
Standing at 10 feet in height and weighing in at a whopping 1800kg were of no mind to doubt their claim.

If you have a spare £16,000 floating around you can lay your hands on one of these impressive safes.
Don’t like the yellow paint? No problem, any colour is available as a special order. 

Vital statistics of this monster are:

Weighs 1800kg 
Is 240 cubic feet in size.
Dimensions are 10 feet tall, 6 feet wide and 4 feet deep.
With up to 2 layers of fire insulation.
Has 24- 2 1/2 door bolts.
A 10 gauge steel door.
With forklift cutouts at the base to allow for moving (needed!)
Will hold up to 144 tons of gold (I love gold, only gold!)

The fire rating for this safe could not be tested because no furnace is large enough to fire test it!!

You fancy having a gander at one of these amazing safes?

To get a look at the largest safe in the world built by Champion Safe Company, you can visit the Safe House just outside of downtown Nashville, Tennessee. The Safe House has been selling gun safes in Tennessee for over 20 years. They have customers who drive from all the surrounding states of Tennessee to see their showroom with over 500 safes in stock. You will find Champion Gun Safes, Superior Gun Safes, Safe Guard Gun Safes, Browning Gun Safes, Fort Knox Gun Safes, Liberty Guns Safes and American Security Gun Safes all right there under one roof.

Click here to see more about The Safe House Company