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FREE Delivery & FREE Standard Home Installation
Nothing Else to Pay.
What you see here is ALL you pay!

Researching safes online can be confusing and time consuming.

So many brands, models and specifications, not to mention many different prices for seemingly the same product.

We do all the hard work for you. We thoroughly test all the safes and hand pick a few that we consider good enough for our clients.

For the most part, a large proportion of our clients are looking for one of three things:

Welcome to the London & Home County Safe Company

We are London’s premier Safe Company and we have been supplying and installing high quality security safes for homeowners for well over 30 years. Telephone 020 8445 0001

We don’t charge for delivery or for installation and we cover this vast area: London (including central & West End), Beds, Berks, Bucks, Essex, Hants, Herts, Kent, Middx, Oxford, Surrey & Sussex

Based in London we offer a very different service to that of many other online safe retailers. Our service is personal, we aren’t looking to provide a blind 'click & buy type' customer experience.

We want you, our customer to engage with us in conversation so we can truly find out what safe will be best suited for your specific needs and moreover suit your actual home.

The prices you see on this web site are the total you will pay. There is no additional charge for home installation or delivery.

  • If you live in our service area one of our team will deliver and install your safe in one of our unmarked vehicles.
  • If you live outside of our service area delivery is free and your safe will be delivered by courier complete with fixings and instructions for self-installation.

The safes themselves are cherry-picked by our experts and tested and assessed for strength and durability. We avoid the mainstream safes that you will find scattered all over the internet. We do this because the prevalence of online 'how to open' information that we do not want linked to our safes. We believe in an 'off-piste' approach to product selection always staying several steps ahead of the burglar.

Looking for a safe for your home in London or the Home Counties?
Not sure where to start and need some friendly expert advice, give us a call on 020 8445 0001