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Safe Installation Free Delivery & Installation on all Bolted Safes

Yes, it’s true, we really don’t charge to deliver and professionally install your new safe. It doesn’t matter about up or down flights of stairs as our installers are quite used to them. There really is nothing else to pay, just the price of the safe!

We have put together the following list of frequently asked questions which we recommend you have a read through. That said we much prefer to speak to you and answer your specific questions so why not give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

In broad terms there are four types of safes and they are known as:

  • Free Standing Safes
  • Wall Safes
  • Underfloor Safes
  • Floorboard Safes

We sell and install Free Standing Safes although it’s something of a misnomer as these safes are not Insurance-Approved unless they are bolted to the fabric of your building to the manufacturer’s specification (more on this below). So from a great big giant safe that you might see in a Jewellery shop or bank right down to a small safe in a hotel wardrobe, these are all classified as Free Standing Safes.

Wall Safes are installed into a hole that is made into a wall and then cemented around flush, we don’t install Wall Safes. Underfloor Safes are installed into a hole that is made into the floor and then cemented around flush, we don’t install Underfloor Safes.

Floorboard Safes are bolted between the joists in a floor, we don’t install Floorboard Safes.

Because your safe will not be recognised by your own insurance company in the event of a claim unless you have proof of installation by a safe specialist like us. (we also recommend that you take a digital copy of our installation certificate as a backup)

It will be one of our own vetted experienced employees who will arrive in a deliberately unmarked van. Our competitors will often just randomly recruit a local tradesman to install your safe after you place your order, this is why they are unable to give a date for your installation straight away.

Another tell-tale sign that a ‘random’ will be installing your safe is when they want to ship the safe to you beforehand and then the installer will arrive on another date. This is to allow them the time to find someone to install you safe.

Not if you require insurance-approval. Some of our competitors actively encourage DIY installation and some even produce videos on how it can be done. This is because they do not have their own installers and just want to shift boxes.

Our safes are typically bolted to either a brick wall or a concrete floor (or sometimes both) using special anchors.

Your insurance company will require that the safe is installed to the manufacturer’s specification which bizarrely is always just bolting through the base of the safe into a concrete floor using an oversized bolt that is most often too long to be used. We recognise that not many homes have a concrete floor suitable for this simplistic approach. Over the years we have developed a plethora of installation techniques that enable our experienced fitters to overcome many if not all of the challenging installations we meet.

Moreover, modern homes have installation challenges all of their own such as underfloor heating, no solid walls or partition walls or dot ‘n’ dab plasterboard walls. Whatever difficulty might exist you can rest assured we will install your safe professionally and you will receive a receipt/certificate stating the installation method used and stating that the safe has been installed to the manufacturer’s specification or in some cases even exceeding the manufacturer’s specification.

Nobody knows your home better than you. Have a look around the home and scope out a few places where you might like the safe installed. Avoid if possible, the most obvious master bedroom as this tends to be where burglars look first.

On the day of your installation, your installer will look at all the places you have thought of and provide the pros and cons for each. You will then make the final decision of the location and the installation will take place.

When you have selected the safe of your choice simply click on the ‘Buy Now’ button and complete your purchase. We will then get in touch to make a convenient appointment for our professional and vetted installers to deliver and install your new safe. If you are not sure which safe to choose please give us a call on 0800 711 7892, we are happy to help.

Our installer will then introduce himself and have a look at the possible location that you have identified in your home for the safe installation. After a short discussion and once the location is agreed he will begin the installation.

Once your safe is installed our installer will then spend some time explaining how to correctly operate the safe and answering any questions. If you need help setting your unique user code he can explain and train you on how it’s done although for security reasons he cannot set the code for you.

If you have any questions please call us on 0800 711 7892