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About London & Home Counties Safes

London & Home Counties Safes was born out of the long standing friendship and partnership between David Harvey and Sandro Vacca.

Jointly, David and Sandro have over 60 years' experience in the safe & lock industry. Their experience and depth of knowledge, combined with a focus on delivering outstanding customer service, has helped to make London & Home Counties Safes one of the foremost Safe companies in the United Kingdom.

It all began in the early 1980's when David and Sandy were two young chaps working together as Safe Engineers for two different companies in Central London. During their lunch breaks they used to imagine what it would be like to join forces and start their own Safe & Lock Company.

Safe Servicing

One day in the late 1980’s David called Sandy and said "I have just placed a deposit on a shop in London. We've served our time; hand in your notice, it’s happening". On that day a 30 year partnership was born. From day one, security safes was a key element of the business and eventually evolved into a separate entity called London & Home Counties Safes which came to be in 1995.

David and Sandy's partnership has endured and they still own and operate the business, although it is somewhat larger than those early fledgling days.

Today, they operate throughout London and the Home Counties, supplying and professionally installing security safes for customers in their homes and businesses. With fully equipped teams of vetted and trustworthy fitters, and simple online ordering and booking, they are truly unique in this industry.

We are very proud to be the number one ranked safe company on Trustpilot

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